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The Mystery of Meeting

 Author: Steve Briault  ISBN: 1855842335  Language: English

“Our relationships–with our family, colleagues, friends, lovers, partners–are decisive factors in our lives. More than outer success, wealth, or fame, they make the difference between joy and sorrow, development and stagnation, fulfillment and frustration. They both stimulate and require us to reflect on our own initiatives and reactions. They lead us to thresholds of emotion and discovery. If we can navigate these thresholds with our eyes open, relationships can become a path of initiation, taking us beyond our self-centered isolation into new and inspiring worlds of experience.” What really happens in relationships? Why do they affect us so deeply? Why do we long for a sense of community yet so aggressively assert our individualism? What are the risks and benefits of genuine human encounter? Drawing on perspectives from psychology, philosophy, management, and economics, The Mystery of Meeting explores these questions from a unique viewpoint and offers insight and guidance for developing healthy relationships. Steve Briault elaborates powerful ways of working with the dynamics of relationships within personal, community, and business contexts. Encountering another person, he says, is a “threshold experience.” Each of us is an unknown world, and through meeting we are confronted with developmental challenges, as well as opportunities for profound personal development. This stimulating book presents groundbreaking ideas for managers, professionals, educators, communicators, and anyone who wishes to improve everyday relationships.

About the author

Steve Briault

Steve Briaultis Director of Development at Emerson College, Sussex, and an international consultant in organisation and community development. Author of The Mystery of Meeting – Relationships as a Path of Discovery, and Liquidity – Flowing Forms in Water and Money.

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