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Organisations with Soul

 Author: Adriaan Bekman  ISBN: 978-1907359309  Language: English

Organizations can lack soul. There can be such a technical, “outer” language at work that we can lose connection with each other and with meaningful communication. In sharp contrast, we may speak an intimate soul language with close friends which creates intimacy and vulnerability.

In Organisations with Soul, Adriaan Bekman invites us to re-imagine organizations with soul, so as to enrich everyday working life. Paying attention to meaningful soul language can transform relationships in our communities and workplaces.

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About the author

Adriaan Bekman

Adriaan Bekman, PhD (1947), is the founding father and director of IMO – Instituut voor Mens en Organisatieontwikkeling (Institute for Human and Organizational Development ). He initiated Centres for Horizontal Leadership in the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Finland, Italy, Russia and...

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