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Creative Spiritual Research

 Author: Coenraad van Houten  ISBN: 1906999287

“This book…will appeal to those who are in touch with their inner creative impulses, or are motivated but do not know how to begin. The aim is to make this spiritual path possible for every person. It can change the way one relates to life and work―at first simply by an attitude shift, as a questioning, caring human being, taking seriously the spiritual forces that manifest in all outer phenomena.”

How do adults learn and develop? How can adult learning become a living, growing process? Based on the application of the “seven life processes,” Coenraad van Houten has successfully developed the methods of “Vocational Learning” (Awakening the Will, 1999) and “Destiny Learning” (Practising Destiny, 2000). Here, in the culmination of his research trilogy, he presents a new path of adult learning that he calls “Creative Spiritual Research.” Based on the inner spiritual path of the individual, this is a method that relates to esoteric schooling, thresholds of consciousness and human creativity.

Part one features guidelines and exercises for individual practice, while part two focuses on the general path of training as a preparation or precondition, opening the inner space needed for research as well as an inquiring attitude.

About the author

Coenraad van Houten

Coenraad van Houten was born in the Netherlands and, after studying chemistry, economics, and social pedagogy, lived in Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Britain. He has been a business manager, consultant, and director for the Centre of Social Development. He has...

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